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PC Support and A+ Certification

This is the outline for the PC Troubleshooting seminar emphasizing how to disassemble and reassemble a PC, and how to identify and fix PC problems.

Course Contents


    - The Changes In PC Troubleshooting
    - PC Troubleshooting and Repair Summary
    - Repairing Brand Name Compatible PC's
    - Compatible and Brand Name PC Component Repair and Replacement Summary
    - About Troubleshooting Laser Printers
      + How Laser Printers Work
      + Laser Printer Repairs
      + Laser Printer Troubleshooting and Repair Summary

Inside Your PC

    - Tear down and reassemble Your PC
      + Brand Name PC Disassembly
      + Board Identification How To Spot a Disk Controller, Display Controller, etc.
      + Proper Procedures For Reassembling Your PC

PC System Basics

    - Understanding and Examining Your PC's Components and Subsystems
      + The System Board or Mother Board
        -- Integrated Motherboards - XT/AT Styles and Baby Styles
        -- Replaceable CPU Motherboards - Are They Really Better? -- Motherboard Chips -- PC Chip Comparison

    - Problems with Pentium Chips
    - Types of Buses

      + Buses Vs. PC CPU Chips Today

    - Displays Controllers and Monitors
    - Disks: Controllers and Drives
      + Types of Disk Controllers

    - Input/Output Boards Connections To Printers And Modems
    - ROM, RAM and CMOS
    - Update BIOS and CMOS
    - Power Supplies
    - Keyboards

Maintaining The PC: Preventing Problems

    - Power
    - Cooling
    - Radio Frequency (RF) and ElectroMagnetic Interference
    - Simple Steps to Prolong Your PCs Life
      + Power Isolation
      + Static Electricity: Shocks To The PC
      + Keep It Cool: Cleaning The PC
      + Leaving The PC Powered Up or Over Coming Monday Morning PC Blues
      + Minimize Vibration
      + Liquids - Are They Certain Disaster?
      + Magnetism
      + Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
      + The User

PC Troubleshooting: Identifying Malfunctions

    - PC POST Error Codes and Their Cause
    - Other Problem Symptoms
    - Using IBM Diagnostics: What Do They Identify?
    - Using Other Diagnostic Programs: Are These Really Any Better
    - Steps To Follow In Isolating PC Problems
      + Bootable Diskette Troubleshooting Tool
      + Subsystem Isolation
      + Correcting Simple Problems
      + Subsystem Verification
      + Swap Till You Drop

    - Saving What You Can Save

Fixing The Easy Things

    - The Power Supply
    - Floppy Disks
    - Displays
    - Input/Output Boards
    - Modems - Cable Verses Modem Problems
    - Other Boards
      + System Boards
      + System Board Battery Power
      + LAN Boards

    - Keyboards
    - Printers: When To Repair or Replace?
    - Repair Warranties Vs. New Warranties

Fixing Tougher Problems

    - Install and Setup Additional Memory and Options
      + Typical Memory Malfunction Symptoms
      + Identifying Malfunctioning Memory
      + ROM Upgrade

    - Fixed Disks

      + Install Setup of IDE and SATA drives
      + Fixed Disk Failures
      + When You Need To Save your Data What Should You Reach For First? Last?

    - Display Problems

      + Real Verses Imagined (Software) Problems
      + Drivers And What They Do For (or To) Your PC

Upgrading and Installing PC Components

    - Windows Plug and Play
      + PCI Bus Cards
      + PC Express Cards
      + Windows Configuration Tips and Tricks

    - Installing Replacement Boards

      + Drivers
      + Getting Drivers
      - Testing Your Installation

    Identifying Common PC Software Problems

      - Windows Error Indications
      - Is It Hardware Or Software?
      - Isolating Software Faults
      - Virus Removal
      - Registry Repair
      - Fixing Corrupted Windows