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Pete Moulton's
Telecommunications for Non-Engineers Seminar
Getting The Most From Telecommunications Technologies and Services

Dear Non-Technical Professional:

My Telecommunications for Non-Engineers provides you with the knowledge you need to get the most from today's telecommunications technologies and services. Telecommunications plays a critical role in every facet of our personal and business life from local area networks at work to the use of the Internet for personal shopping and information gathering.

This seminar:

  • Gives you a working knowledge of the key concepts in the convergence of voice communications, video communications, and networking.
  • Identify ways to reduce communications costs and improve services.
  • Help you develop a coherent and effective telecommunications disaster recovery and security policy.
This seminar is taught by me. There are no pool teachers from a large company. I have been teaching this seminar since 1990 and teaching communications seminars since the mid 70's. I am confident that in addition to having an enjoyable time that you will leave the seminar knowing much more about telecommunications. I use simple to understand analogies and some wierd humor to make telecommunications understandable to non-technical professionals. Please join me at a The Telecommunications for Non-Engineers seminar. I am confident that you will find this was the most valuable two days of training that you spend this year.