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Pete Moulton's
Telecommunications for Non-Engineers Seminar
Getting The Most From Telecommunications Technologies and Services

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for non-engineering telecommunications professionals and organization managers who need to update their knowledge of current and future telecommunications products and services.

  • Telephone company new hires, sales and marketing reps that need to learn more about the latest products and services
  • Office administrators who are responsible for coordinating telecommunications equipment within their company
  • Executives involved with telecommunications planning, purchasing and development of telecommunications products, services and systems
  • Telecommunications trainers and support staff
  • Support personnel who require a big picture of all aspects of telecommunications
  • Technical personnel that need a broader knowledge of telecommunications beyond their specific area of expertise because of expanding job functions
  • PC Support Staff and PC Users involved in planing, managing and implementing voice, data and Local Area Networks

The seminar is also helpful to business professionals and executives that are faced with making significant decisions regarding the procurement and implementation of telecommunications products and services.