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Pete Moulton
Pete Moulton
Founder of The Moulton Company

Pete Moulton is founder of Moulton and Company, an independent computer training and consulting firm that specializes in PC, LAN, and Telecommunications training. Pete has been in Telecommunications since 1968, and has been working with PC's since 1981 and LANs since 1984. Pete has been on the leading edge of implementing and managing new PC and communications technologies for the last 30 years. He personally owns and operates over twenty (20) PC's, a combined Linux, Novell and Microsoft Windows Server LAN using Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi connections. His PC troubleshooting and support experience comes from his Dial-A-Nerd services company that troubleshoots and repairs both home and enterprise PCs and LANs.

Mr. Moulton has developed and delivered seminars on A+ certification and PC's, telecommunications, and networking since 1975. He has spoken at COMDEX, Interface, Data Training, The Federal Computer Conference and presented seminars in Africa, Europe, South East Asia, South America, Australia, as well as throughout North America. Pete's customers include EDS, Digital Equipment Corporation (now HP), IBM, AT&T, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Social Security Administration, American Management Associations, Two Rivers Technology, Verizon, Ameritech and Pacbell (now SBC), Aspect Telecommunications, and more.

Prentice-Hall has published his books and videos on Telecommunications, SOHO networking, and PC A+ Certification.

Mr. Moulton hosted of the Dial-A-Nerd Radio program -- Talk Radio for a Technically Challenged Planet -- on WJFK 1300 AM and on WCBM 680 AM in Baltimore and the Technically Correct TV program on WMAR Channel 2. He has also appeared on other TV shows in Baltimore.

Mr. Moulton holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a master's of science degree in Industrial Management from Clarkson University. He is a member of IEEE.

Without ever having taken a formal course, Mr. Moulton passed in one week's time all Certified NetWare Engineer tests. Similarly, Mr. Moulton passed the A+, Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows for Workgroups certification tests.