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Telecommunications for Newbies Seminar
Getting The Most From Telecommunications Technologies and Services

Dear Business Colleague:

Telecommunications services and technology are relentlessly changing and evolving into more sophisticated and useful service offerings. Traditional voice and data communications have been replaced by a wide range of telecommunications services including wireless and cellular services, high-speed Internet and facility-to-facility links, Intra-facility Local Area Networks and more. These technologies and services are identified and described by technical terms such as 3G Wireless, 802.11a, ATM, SONET, Fibre Channel, POTS, T-1, OC-3, Frame Relay, and CDMA. Everyone in an enterprise needs to understand this basic terminology and the effective use of different telecommunications services.

I have been teaching telecommunications fundamentals over the last 10 years and written the Telecommunications Survival Guide published by Prentice-Hall. This seminar is based on seeing how an understanding telecommunications makes every person a better contributor to an enterprise's mission. I like teaching this seminar because it is important for everyone in every enterprise to understand telecommunications and because it is a lot of fun.

This seminar helps everyone to become aware of telecommunications technologies and services and how they can be used by an enterprise to reduce costs or make operations more effective. The seminar helps non-technical personnel understand and communicate with telecommunications technical personnel that sell, recommend, implement, monitor and maintain telecommunications networks. Telecommuters are highly dependent upon telecommunications services. Understanding how they function is important for every telecommuter in helping them to troubleshoot and maintain communications with key enterprise facilities. Attend this seminar and start understanding how telecommunications helps your enterprise today.