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Seminar Reviews
Over the years because I have trained thousnads of professionals, I have received many glowing reports on my teaching similar to those received by other trainers. In a recent two week seminar the students created a thank you web page that generally reflects the positive learning experience most all students attending my seminars receive. Rather than list "dime a dozen" glowing testimonials here, I prefer to plainly discuss what makes students happy and unhappy with my seminars. Addressing the needs of all students including unhappy ones is the true critical issue in delivering a successful and effective seminar.

In my seminars my intense focus and primary job is to answer all student questions using simple to understand analogies and non-technical language. In order to answer those questions, the students have the job of asking me questions to which they need answers.

I am so confident that students will have their needs met by this seminar, that I provide a seminar warranty.

Seminar Warranty
Sometimes beyond anyone's control seminars do not fulfill a classes's needs. There can be a mismatch between the class experience level and that of the target seminar audience e.g.
  • too sophisticated users in a beginning class,
  • beginning users in an advanced class,
  • or a class having a very specific needs that is a small part of the overall presentation.
I try to adjust the class to meet the needs of all students during each class. However, in the rare event that a class's needs are not fulfilled, I provide the following warranty procedure:
  • At the completion of each class, every student is asked to complete a signed course evaluation form. This signed evaluation form is the basis for assessing student satisfaction with the class and whether or not the class needs were met.
  • If there is a question that needs to be answered, I research the question and e-mail the student the answer.
  • If more than one third (33%) of the students' training needs are not fulfilled in any seminar, I investigate the cause and determine a corrective action. The results of the investigation are e-mailed to the client contact. I will then perform the seminar again incorporating those changes needed to make the seminar fulfill the client's training needs. The client is not charged instructor fees for the repeated seminar. Only out of pocket expenses travel expenses are charged to the client for the repeated seminar.
  • When a seminar cannot be re-run, at the client's discretion the part or all of instructor fees are refunded for that seminar.
In my thirty years of training I have had to honor this warranty a couple of times because of a bad instructor that was used to meet customer seminar scheduling constraints.