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Pete Moulton's
Telecommunications for Newbies Seminar
Getting The Most From Telecommunications Technologies and Services

Seminar Benefits

Students attending this seminar:

1. Acquire an understanding of the general framework for both telephony and networking that provides
     a base for understanding how to get the most from future converged networks
2. Understand essential buzzwords and standards in the telecommunications industry
3. Determine criteria for choosing cost-effective telecommunications service suppliers
4. Understand the interrelation of data communications networks, telecommunications networks, and the Internet
5. Understand where new telecommunications services and products can save costs
6. Understand the digital transmission hierarchy including T1, T3 and SONET
7. Understand Hybrid and PBX equipment and where to effectively deploy it
8. Review new telecommunications services and equipment
9. Understand networking security and reliability measures
10. Understand available voice communications services and how to use them
11. Generally understand telephone tariffs and service billing enabling you to reduce costs
12. Identify and understand key standards and their resultant communications products
13. Understand PBX vs. CENTREX services
14. Know technologies used in wireless and cellular based telephony
15. Methodology to help decide which cellular or wireless based system is best for your company
16. An introduction to and explanation of microwave and satellite technology
17. An appreciation of new emerging standards including Bluetooth, 802.11a, and 802.11b